Getting Started with BusinessLocator

Some mini-tutorials to show you around the platform.




Add a location

Click on the ellipsis next to Business locations.

Select the Add a location option.

Add a name, then click on the ➕ sign for the Address field.

You can either search for the address in the Search field or input it manually. Hit Save.

Fill in the other fields like phone, image URL, opening hours etc.

Save this new location by clicking the Add button.


Import several locations

Click on the ellipsis next to Business locations.

Select the Import data option.

Select the file to upload (it should be a CSV or JSON file).

Check the data in the table and click Import.

Confirm that you want to replace any existing data by clicking Validate.

Recommended: in your file, include a Name column for your locations. If you don't have a particular name for them, you can put the name of your business + city / street so it's easier for your customers to differentiate the locations.


Search for a location

If you want to edit a particular location — but you have a lot of locations and you're scrolling endlessly through your list — make use of the Search bar to find it more easily.

Note: you can search for any word within the Name of the location.


Edit a location

Click on the location you wish to edit.

Find the field to edit and click on the pencil icon next to it.

Make your edits.

Click on Save.


Add a custom button

In one of the locations, click on the Custom Fields "+" button.

Click the Create new custom field button (or on the three dots at the top right of the panel to access the Edit custom fields option).

Create a new field of the Button type and give it a name (this is the text that will appear on the button for all locations).

Once created, you'll be able to input a unique URL for every location.


Delete a location

Click on the location you wish to delete.

Scroll down to the bottom of the panel.

Click the Delete button.



Select a map style

Click through the different map styles to preview what it looks like with your locations.

You can zoom in and out to see the differences: roads, parks and water colour, elevation lines, icons...

You can choose from five default basemaps:

  • Streets: a style with contrasting and bold colors for a unique look.
  • Sunny: a more traditional design that looks good anywhere.
  • Terrain: showing elevation levels for more nature-oriented needs.
  • Light: a neutral, clean design to let your businesses stand out on the map.
  • Dark: a striking and contrasting design to catch your visitors' eye.



Upload your own markers

To do so, click on the ➕ sign under Default icon or Selected icon.

Upload your icon in SVG format (we recommend a max width of 50px).

Choose your Anchor for the icon (ie. how the icon will be centered on the marker location).

Click Import.


Change pin & dot colours

Click on the Default icon or Selected icon button on the right.

Select the desired colour or input the colour code in the HEX/RGB/HSL fields.

Click the button again to save and close the colour editor.

Changing these colours will impact the marker and the matching dot.

Note: you cannot change the colour of your markers if you have uploaded a custom icon.

Activate dot display

For a better user experience and depending on your point density, you can simplify your icon to a dot when a visitor zooms out.

Click on the Activate dot display toggle to activate/deactivate this feature.

You can control at which level you would like this to trigger: Country, Region or City.



Select your desired layout

In this section you can choose to customise your layout by:

  • Changing where the locations list panel appears
  • Displaying a pop in when a location is clicked
  • Displaying a search bar to enable your users to search for your nearest locations

This can be very handy to optimise your website experience for your visitors.



Preview and publish your business locator

Draft version
This is how your business locator looks like with the latest edits made in the editor. If you're happy with the changes, hit the Publish button to make them live!

Published version
his is how your "live" business locator looks like and the version your visitors will see on your website.



Embed the code on your website

Copy-paste the code on your website to integrate your business locator.

Need help with the integration? Check out our integration tutorials.

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