How does BusinessLocator compare to other store locators?

With so many store locator solutions on the market, you may be wondering, what's different about BusinessLocator? Find out in this quick-read blog post.

It doesn't! Just kidding, there are great solutions on the market but the way BusinessLocator differentiates itself is by providing a unique experience:

👉 You can edit everything directly on the map, and in real-time

Since we use Jawg Maps as our mapping service, we don’t pay extra to show our maps directly in the editor. This means we can provide an unmatched interactive and live designing interface.

👉 No Google Maps or Mapbox API key required

You don’t need to create an account on another service to get your store locator to work. We are all-inclusive and it's a win all around: you pay less and it's easier for you to create and edit your store locator.

👉 No hidden costs and unbeatable prices

If your site or app gets a lot of traffic, the cost of extra map loads are cheaper than other mapping services on the market.

👉 No ads!

Most store locator solutions are built on top of Google Maps — who can display unwanted ads on your map. We don't display any ads and you are in complete control of all the data you decide to publish in your store locator.

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